March 25th: Update Regarding Corporate Travel



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This message is for all Company employees.


As previously communicated, all non-essential business travel has been suspended.  Any essential travel requires the appropriate VP approval in coordination with the appropriate HR representative.  Such essential travel to meet business requirements should be coordinated through Balboa Travel, who has the latest information on travel bans and restrictions. 


If you have cancelled business travel due to COVID-19 concerns:

·         You are responsible for cancelling any and all air, lodging, and/or auto reservations through Balboa Travel.  If there are any cancellation fees, such fees should be charged to the same cost object (Cost Center or project WBS) that would have been charged had the expenses been incurred.  Cancelled airfare and any cancellation fees must be documented via an expense report.  Such expense report should clearly identify the original purpose of the trip, and specifically state that the travel was cancelled because of COVID-19 concerns.

If you have had any fees for external training/seminars refunded, but you have already been reimbursed:

·         A new expense report must be created in Concur with a negative balance.  This negative balance must be cleared via a personal check payable to the Company. 

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If you have any questions:

·         GA-ASI personnel, please contact or

·         All other Company personnel, please contact or 858-909-5333.

If you need to contact Balboa Travel, please contact or 800-682-6170 or 858-678-3765. 
Balboa Travel’s operating hours are 5:00AM – 6:00PM (PT), Monday – Friday. 




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