March 15th: Update Regarding School Closures, CAL/LWOP use, Working Remotely

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)  

Company Update

March 15, 2020

All Employees:

We understand that you may have questions regarding absences due to school closures, personal illness, you or a family member having been exposed to the coronavirus, and/or the government has urged you to remain in isolation due to your risk profile.


What should you do if your child has to stay home due to the closure of his/her school? 

  • Explore alternate options to provide care for your child during the work day.
  • Notify your direct manager if you need to miss time from work to care for your child because of his/her school closure.


What are your CAL/LWOP options during an absence (i) to care for your child impacted by the school closure, (ii) due to personal illness or you or a family member having been exposed to the coronavirus, and/or (iii) due to the government urging you to remain in isolation due to your risk profile? 

  • Available CAL (CAL-Sick as applicable)
  • Scheduled Leave Without Pay (LWOP)


While we continue to operate at full capacity and expect to meet deliveries to our customers, we also understand that you may have questions regarding the potential to work from home. Depending on the nature of your role, you may be allowed to work from home as the coronavirus situation continues to develop. Certain employees will not be allowed to work from home due to the nature of the role, the needs of the business, and/or technology restrictions. Your manager, in coordination with HR and the cognizant VP, will notify you if you are allowed to work from home, and if so, to what extent. 


If you are allowed to work remotely, we expect you to adhere to the following guidelines: 

  • Per the normal course of business, you are expected to work the hours necessary to accomplish your work responsibilities and objectives, and record such hours accurately. Your timecard must accurately reflect the time you have worked. If you are an hourly employee, you should take meal and rest breaks as appropriate, and not accrue overtime without manager approval.
  • You are expected to work solely from home, and to be available and responsive during your normal working hours.
  • Your meetings will be via teleconference or other forms of electronic communication..
  • You should continue to observe all our policies, procedures and practices, including our Employee Information Guide.
  • Any work product completed at home is considered Company property..
  • All work equipment and work files, whether in electronic form or hard copy, must be managed confidentially and securely in a safe environment, and returned to the office when you return.


The health, safety and well-being of you and our community on and off-campus are our top priorities. We will continue to provide you with updates as the situation evolves, including with regards to potential government benefits that may become available and timekeeping instructions. Please consult with your HR representative if you have any additional questions. We may modify these arrangements at any time.


You can also view the pdf Corona Virus Communication March 15.pdf

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