March 19th: Employee Instructions for Working Remotely

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)  

Update for Employees Authorized to Work From Home

March 19, 2020 

All Employees Authorized to Work from Home: 

We understand that you may have questions regarding best practices for working from home temporarily due to the coronavirus situation. 

What steps should I take prior to working from home and while working from home? 

  • Confirm that your manager has provided you with approval to work from home. 
  • Confirm your scheduled work hours/days with your manager. 
  • Set up call forwarding on your office phone to your mobile phone number and/or check your work voicemails frequently throughout your work day.  If you are a non-exempt (hourly) employee, make sure you turn on call forwarding at the start of your scheduled work day and turn off call forwarding at the end of your scheduled work day.   
  • Coordinate with your manager on tasks to be performed and/or completed each day/week, request that your manager provide you with appropriate charge numbers and written work authorizations as applicable. 
  • If you are an exempt (salaried) employee, provide your manager with a status of activities conducted as requested. 
  • If you are a non-exempt (hourly) employee, provide a status of activities conducted at the end of each work day, and do not work overtime without your manager’s prior approval. 
  • If necessary, coordinate with your manager to download or printout a copy of the manual timecard.   
  • If you must download information from the Company’s systems/network, ONLY download information using an ITS approved/encrypted flash drive.  
  • During your scheduled work hours, you should stay connected using our VPN, e-mail system (Outlook), and IM (Skype) to the maximum extent in order to allow for timely communication to/from your manager or others. 

How should I record my time while working from home? 

  • If you have remote access to CATS/AutoTime: 
    • Record your time daily as you normally would, including meal breaks (for non-exempt employees). 
  • If you do not have remote access to CATS/AutoTime, but you have access to Company email:
    • Record your time daily as you normally would, including meal breaks (for non-exempt employees), on a manual timecard.  Sign and submit this manual time card to your manager for approval with a copy to Labor Accounting (if CATS:; if AutoTime: at the end of each week. 

Please consult with your HR representative if you have any additional questions. 

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